Gold Dust

Gold Dust is a very loose musical adaptation of Moliere's The Miser.   

Directors: After acting in many ACT plays Mandy Penner is making her debut as director!  Her enthusiasm, talent and well-timed delivery on stage are brought to this production for a unique interpretation of the script.   Julie Dorsey brings the music to life as musical director and pianist with Kim Sinclair accompanying on guitar.

The Story: A twisted story of family, love and small town intrigue   Gold Dust unfolds in an 1850’s western mining camp saloon, with Jebediah (George Young) obsessing over his money. This wreaks havoc for all involved.  Jebediah’s children, Suzanne (Madison Reynolds) and Cliff (Nathan Domarchuk-White) have their own ideas for   their father’s nest egg. Diamond Lil (Laurisa DeFehr) the town Madam is “more popular than a turnip in a pig-pen”.  She shares her nuggets of wisdom with the townsfolk played by Phelan Gotto, Paul Kirkwood-Hacket, Jeunesse Pearson, Kaila Sinclair, and Mark Trussell. 

Armstrong's Asparagus theatre heads to the Old West
by  Kristin Froneman - Vernon Morning Star

Take a play written in 1660s’ France, keep the lead character, a grumpy guy obsessed with wealth, add a western musical aspect, and you have Asparagus Community Theatre’s new production, Gold Dust.
A very loose musical adaptation of Moliere’s The Miser, Gold Dust is described as a twisted story of family, love and small-town intrigue.