Helping Backstage

Front of House- ushers/ ticket takers and ticket sellers for the day/night of our performances. also help set up and clean up concession. 

Front of House Manager- organizes volunteers for FOH shifts, coordinates with lobby display team, works with running crew of show to coordinate audience management

Lobby Display- Decorates lobby with show- themed decorations for run of show, working with producer, helps organize a work party for kids to make art for lobby display 

Opening & Closing Night Parties- organizes/ prepares food (within budget) for cast, crew and guests for either an opening night or closing night party 

Props Builders- working with the Props person, helps make props for the show 

Costume Builders/ Sewers- working with Costume Designer, helps sew and build costumes for the show 

Carpenters- working with Set Designer, helps build sets for the show

If you would like to volunteer or have any questions,